The Wet Noodle

Noodle's fiction?

Every now and again my mind coughs up a bit of fiction, which my fingers then translate onto the screen; little stories that are at times interesting, at times strange, and often downright awkward. Because this is an ever-growing hobby of mine I will need a place to collect these fabricated fables, other than my primary weblog, which is where they initially will be published.

You're looking at that place.

This place will, from now on, function as a make-shift archive for the fiction I've written and will write.

Here's a list of titles for you to peruse, should you be so inclined.

○ ○ ○

Forever endeavour.
A matter of time.
Two for one euro.
The item.
Must see tv.
The oneironaut, part one.
From then and there to here and now.
Will I ever find you again?
Free will vs. predestination.
Recollections one, two, three, four, five and final.
Black & white.
The Resort Manager's Tale.
The Nickel.
Black & White.
Back to Earth.
Solitary ponderings.
Those who are about to die, salute you.
The boy who saw the end.